Free Distribution

Festive giveaways are held, i.e., rice and mooncakes, to share [...]

Free Distribution2018-03-28T22:58:38+00:00

Inherit the market culture

“Market Study Tour” was organized with schools to guide students [...]

Inherit the market culture2018-03-28T22:57:01+00:00

Creating shared value

The market offers job opportunities and encourage set-up businesses in [...]

Creating shared value2018-03-28T22:55:13+00:00

Food Collection

Our markets actively participate in the Comprehensive Food Collection Program [...]

Food Collection2018-03-28T22:50:47+00:00

Waste Management

Unified rubbish bins and recycling bins are set to support [...]

Waste Management2018-03-28T22:47:12+00:00

Energy Conservation

LED lights are used to minimize electricity consumption.

Energy Conservation2018-03-28T22:45:52+00:00
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