Business Operation


Uni-China puts great emphasis on the development and recognition of people. Ongoing training and career progression opportunities are offered to equip the employees with excellent skills and quality services. Meanwhile, the company fully recognizes good performance, which further promote employee motivation and engagement.

Add Value to Tenants’ Businesses

The Group makes effort to create a business-friendly environment for the tenants. Apart from providing a complete set of ancillary measures, we would also assist the tenants in the enhancement of business management and operation, hoping to form a sustainable platform for the tenants.

Provide Platform for Startups

The Group is planning to organize the “Be Your Own Boss” Program, which aims to select outstanding startups through cooking competitions. All-rounded support would be offered to create platform for startups to realize their dreams.

Environment Protection

Energy Conservation

LED lights are used to minimize electricity consumption.

Waste Management

Unified rubbish bins and recycling bins are set to support proper waste disposal.

Food Collection

Our markets actively participate in the Comprehensive Food Collection Program held by Food Angel. The food will be donated to produce lunchboxes for the needy.


The Group stays connected with the community. We would set up a charitable foundation to organize a variety of activities and offer continuous support to the needy.

The Group endeavours to offer job opportunities in the community to earn their own livings and share the fruits of economic prosperity.

Festive giveaways are held regularly, i.e., rice and mooncakes, to share care to the neighbours and build a closer connection with each other.

Hong Kong Market